Pringle Pristine is a janitorial task management app that uses IoT devices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the users.


Pringle Robotics


4 Weeks


Figma, Trello, FigJam, NextJS


Design a user-centric janitorial task management app that seamlessly facilitates the organization, monitoring, and completion of janitorial tasks. Tasks can be identified by usage sensors throughout a facility. Additionally, the app should have a online user-friendly interface for customers to submit emergent task requests, ensuring a responsive and agile janitorial service.


The app created implemented a user-friendly interface for janitorial staff to easily create, assign, and monitor tasks. It efficiently utilized analytics tools to provide insights into task performance, enabling data-driven task and continuous improvement. The app was designed the app with scalability in mind, allowing for the easy addition of new features and accommodating the evolving needs of the janitorial service industry.


Research & Analysis

During the research and analysis phase for Pristine, a comprehensive information architecture was developed to define the features and functionality, providing a structured roadmap for the development team. User flow analysis was conducted to identify potential hurdles and optimize the workflow. Detailed personas were created to pinpoint pain points specific to the users. Additionally, a competitive analysis was undertaken to understand industry trends and position Pristine strategically in the market. This research and analysis phase laid a robust foundation, ensuring that Pristine not only met functional requirements but also addressed the nuanced needs and pain points of its diverse user base, resulting in a user-friendly janitorial task management app with a strategic market position.

Wireframe & Ideate

I translated initial ideas into tangible form through hand-drawn sketches and detailed wireframes, defining the app's layout and interactions. I presented these wireframsd to stakeholders, including janitorial staff and supervisors, to gather feedback and identify any missing features or functionality. The collaborative process ensured that the user interface design not only met technical requirements but also resonated with diverse user perspectives.

Design & Iterate

I crafted full mockups by initiating the design process with a mood board to establish key visual concepts. This mood board served as a guiding reference for the overall aesthetic and design elements. Subsequently, I rapidly iterated through designs, refining and enhancing the user interface based on iterative feedback loops. This dynamic process allowed for the integration of diverse design elements, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing experience. The combination of a carefully curated mood board and iterative design approaches culminated in comprehensive full mockups that encapsulated Pristine's refined and user-centric visual identity.

Prototype & Test

In the prototyping and testing phase, the full mockups of Pristine were transformed into interactive prototypes, allowing for a realistic simulation of the user experience. These prototypes were rigorously tested with users, including janitorial staff, supervisors, and stakeholders. This was done to gather valuable feedback on usability, functionality, and overall satisfaction. The iterative testing process involved multiple feedback loops, enabling continuous refinement of the design based on user insights. This user-centric approach ensured that the final product addressed real-world needs, resulting in an optimized and well-tested Pristine app.

Iterate & Deliver

I handed off the refined designs to the development team, initiating a collaborative effort to bring the Pristine app to life. Working closely with developers, we ensured a smooth translation of design specifications into functional features.This collaborative approach ensured that the final app not only adhered to the design vision but also capitalized on the technical expertise of the development team. The deliver phase marked the culmination of the design and development journey, resulting in the successful realization of the Pristine app.

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