Distillery Labs

Launch Party Digital Brochure

Launch Party Digital Brochure
Lead Designer
OSF Healthcare & Distillery Labs
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Graphic Design

What is Distillery Labs?

Distillery Labs is a Peoria startup hub for entrepreneurs to launch and grow companies, drive innovation, and spur significant economic growth. They had recently announced a new building and were providing attendees with material to display the new facilities.

Image of the new building

Identifying key features

The first step I took was to find out what exactly Distillery Labs was all about and who will be receiving this brochure. I talked with one of the stakeholder about what was needed and what their brand message was. I then began sketching and creating initial ideas.

Initial Sketches - Bifold

Initial Sketches - Z Fold

First Iteration

The first iteration I created is below. The goal was to get all the information down and an overall style and design using the previously mentioned sketches and information.

Pivot to the Final Design

After some discussion we narrowed down the content and really focused on the important items. During the ideation, the concern of the delta variant was rising, forcing us to pivot the design to a digital brochure. The design below is the final product.

Digital design with finalized content.

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