Emack and Bolios Peoria

Digital Ice Cream and Smoothie Menu

Digital Ice Cream and Smoothie Menu
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Emack and Bolios Peoria
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Digital Menu Design & Development

What is Emack and Bolios?

Emack and Bolios is a local franchisee ice cream shop in Peoria and Peoria Heights.

Final Installation

The Challenge

The owners of Emack and Bolio wanted to switch to digital menus. They previously had whiteboards with magnets and wanted something digital and easier to use.

The primary challenge was how I would create a menu that would allow for both preset and dynamic content that was easy enough for all employees to use.

Initial Iteration

The Emack and Bolios brand has a very strong and defined style, Whimsical space with a little rock and roll. My goal was incorporate this in the final design while staying easy to read. I recreated many of the Emack and Bolios illustrations to add more interest in the background. I played around a lot with how to position and format the flavors that would give the shop as many tiles as they have flavors.

Initial Sketches and Experimentation


I use the term development in a very loose way here. I used a web scraping plugin for Figma and customized it to grab images, names, and prices off of a google sheets document. The shop employees would select their flavors here and it updates everything automatically on the menu. Employees are also able to input custom names and change prices when needed.

Google Sheets with Data

The Final Design

Below you can see my final design that is currently on display.

Flavor Menu

Smoothie Menu
Pricing and Item Menu

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